Chris Coldwell

Senior Software Developer / Architect


Welcome to my professional online resume. Please forgive the use of first person, I find writing in the third person about myself to be rather odd. And since this is the web, things are a little less than formal anyhow. Following is my professional resume and CV, in a getting-more-complete-all-the-time form. This resume focuses on my technical abilities and background, but I also have deep, practical business experience.

I am available for contract work anywhere in the world, provided I can do it from where I live in Canada =). I am willing to travel for face-to-face meetings of course, and usually find that these are necessary to establish clear expectations.

If you are in need of someone who can understand your business and your technical needs, and who can simply get it done, please contact me via my email address on gmail : (no spam please).

Hope to be working with you soon!

Professional Summary

I am an accomplished software architect with exceptional experience in development and design. I have thorough analytical skills with applications in data analysis, algorithm analysis, user interface and usability analysis, business analysis, business process engineering and more. I have years of successful experience in both private and public sectors and I am able to lead large and diverse teams.

Skill Set Summary


    University of Liverpool :: Masters of Science (MSc) :: 2nd Year :: 2005

    University of Victoria :: Bachelor or Science (BSc) :: 3rd Year :: 1994

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    These skills are broken out by platform for ease of reading. Please note that many of the technologies exist on multiple platforms and the skills are largely transferable. So, if I list the skill on one platform and not another, it does NOT mean that I am not capable on that platform. Also note that sometimes things are not technologies per se, but just buzzwords that I have to include for ease of understanding. And finally, I might have forgotten a few, so if there is something specific you need, please just ask - I can learn things pretty quickly.

    Skill Level: This represents the highest skill level I have attained with this technology.

    Level Descriptions:

    •  1  I can spell it!  
    •  2  I can do basic work  
    •  3  I can do solid intermediate work  
    •  4  I can do challenging work and assist others  
    •  5  I can do this blindfolded on new year's day after no sleep  

    Time to Proficiency: This represents the amount of time it would take (in weeks) for me to get back up to my highest level of proficiency with this technology.

    Time to God Mode: This represents the amount of time it would take (in weeks) for me to get up to a level 5 with this technology.

    And ... the Skills:

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    I have led teams and/or performed engineering to enable the following clients to achieve targeted business and technical goals. This is not a complete list and was compiled primarily from marketing material from Mercurial.

      On a personal level, for those who wish to know, I am fairly typical. I like being active, I used to mountain bike a lot, less so now. I have enjoyed martial arts, gymnastics (way in the rearview mirror now), running, kayaking, and generally outdoor stuff - it sort of goes with living on Vancouver Island.

      The career I didn't have would have to be music. I play all sorts of instruments and I love all sorts of music. I have played in quite a few bands and still do wherever possible. I am also currently learning the violin - which I have wanted to do for a long, long time, and I am absolultely loving it! One day I will be able to play the third movement of the Summer Concerto by Vivaldi.